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Group Activities
Is your company, club or organization looking for a special way to celebrate a milestone or have an enjoyable outing together? A day of hot air ballooning can provide fun and exciting way for your group to spend some time together, learn some valuable lessons in team work, and participate in an activity that offers "something for everyone".
Group Champagne Flights
In groups of anywhere from 2 to 22(or more), enjoy this special experience with all of your friends. Everyone gets to participate - from set-up to flight to landing. Even those less "aerially inclined" can join in the chase with the Ground Crew.
Tethered Rides
The tethered rides allow many people to experience a short balloon ride, while the balloon is kept safely in place with ropes. As many as 40-50 people per hour can be "uplifted" by the unique experience and the eagle's eye view.


To schedule your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight please click here
or call Dick or Mary Beth Young at (973) 335-9799

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