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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Not enclosed in an airplane, but out in the open, just like a bird. To soar hundreds of feet in the air, seeing the land stretch out for miles below you. To float peacefully over lakes and mountains in a quiet that allows you to hear the sounds of nature below.

Hot-air balloon rides allow you to do just that, and in this site you'll see the beauty, excitement and wonder that hot-air ballooning offers. You'll see why we think everyone should have the experience of a hot-air balloon ride.
Join us for a "free ride" through this web site and learn about the fun of hot air ballooning!

This site has lots of information about hot air balloons -- the types of rides we offer, the commercial use of balloons to draw attention to your event, group activities that you can enjoy with friends, and some of the upcoming ballooning events that we'll be attending. But most of all we just want to share the ballooning experience -- the fun, excitement, and romance of ballooning.

Whether you would like to learn more about ballooning, or are just curious about how those gorgeous things get up and down, you will learn more here.

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