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Balloon Rides
There's nothing like it in the world -- a hot air balloon flight is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! We offer many types of flights, so click on the one below that interests you. We'll show you the fun and excitement of hot air ballooning (of course, we can never replicate the experience through your computer screen, but we'll try to whet your appetite!)
Champagne Flights
Want to propose, celebrate a special day, or just say "I love you"? Do it in a way that they'll never forget - with a romantic Champagne Flight.
Dawn Patrol
Everyone's seen a sunrise, but have you ever been immersed in a sunrise? Watch the very sky that you're floating in become a beautifully changing canvas of colors.
High Adventure
OK, extreme sporters - here's your chance. Ever "splash & dash"  into the middle of a raging river? Fly with the birds at 10,000 feet, completely out in the open? DONE THAT ?
Long Jumps
How far can you go in a hot air balloon? Find out with us as we "go for the gold". The goal is simple - DISTANCE (and safety of course)! These flights can last for several hours!


To schedule your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight please click here
or call Dick or Mary Beth Young at (973) 335-9799

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