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Schedule a Balloon Ride

To schedule a balloon ride please fill in the form below. Within several days we will e-mail our "electronic brochure" so that you have lots more information on our memorable Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flights.

All Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flights are booked by advance Reservation, which can be handled right over the phone. If you would like to finalize your Reservation right now, you may contact us at (973) 335-9799.

Private/Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flights Cost $500/Guest.
For More Information on Cost, CLICK HERE.


* denotes required information

1) Number of Passengers *
Balloons typically carry 3 Guests and the Pilot, or 4 to 6 Guests and the Pilot. For larger groups, we typically Fly multiple balloons, so that you have your own mini Balloon Festival!)
2) Date
Click to select date *
Time of Day * Sunrise
3) Location *
New Jersey
Eastern PA
Lake George
4) Special Instructions
  This is a surprise! Please contact only me!
Other Special Requests
5) Contact Information
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To schedule your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight please click here
or call Dick or Mary Beth Young at (973) 335-9799

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