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As much as we all wish it could be otherwise, Ballooning is not an inexpensive activity. That reality is driven by the fact that, when you join us for your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight, we will be arriving with over $100,000 worth of equipment (including an FAA Registered Aircraft), as well as at least one FAA Certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot and 3 to 6 skilled Crew Members.

But, considering everything that goes into making a Flight happen, your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight is amazingly affordable. As so many enthusiastic Guests have told us, "The Flight was marvelous, . . . a once-in-a-lifetime experience . . . it would still have been cheap at twice the price!"

And, just like everything else we do for you and your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight, we make the price easy to understand. To wit, in all of the areas in which we fly, we have two all-inclusive price levels: 

1. Private/Exclusive Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flights: $500/Guest  
(Minimum: 2 Guests)
At sunrise or about 2 hours before sunset, when the winds are gentle, we will meet at a pre-selected launch site (airport, grass field, or large lawn). As a part of involving you in having "an up-close and personal experience with Ballooning," we will invite you to join in the process of inflating the Balloon System, which takes about 30 minutes. Before the inflation, we will discuss Balloon Safety with you and the Crew. Once the Balloon is inflated, we will board the gondola ("Basket"), and we will gently ascend. For about 45 minutes to an hour, we will blissfully float with the wind over fields and trees, savoring the views, wildlife, the glory of it all. Ballooning is one of the most gentle, tranquil, awe-inspiring experiences in life. It is the closest thing to "actually flying" (to a Magic Carpet Ride), that most of us will ever experience. When it is safe and appropriate, we will descend, land, be joined by the Chase Crew, and pack up the Balloon System, which takes about 30 minutes. To Celebrate the delights of the Flight and the return to Mother Earth, we will share a Champagne Toast, snacks and tales of our adventure. Then we will return you to your vehicle. Typically, the whole activity takes about 4 hours.

Click here to make a reservation for a Champagne Flight

2. Specialty Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flights: starting at $600/Guest 
(Minimum: 1 Guest)
Take everything you just read above, . . . and SUPERSIZE IT, with one of the following:
A) The majesty of flying right over Lake George.
B) The delights of a Dawn Patrol Flight.
C) The horizon-to-horizon views of a High Altitude Flight.
D) The ambiance of a DOM Flight (you guessed it. . . followed by the serving of the most famous of Champagnes).
E) The tranquility of flying over the Vermont Mountains. 

Click here to make a reservation for a Specialty Champagne Flight

Can you find a lower price elsewhere?
Probably somewhere (. . . someone always has "a brother-in-law in the business!").

Would you WANT to Fly with an operator offering low price?
Probably not! This is one of those activities in life where it may be prudent to AVOID the "Low Bidder," . . . for obvious reasons.

We want you to know that we price our Flights on a sustainable basis, so that our equipment is maintained ABOVE the minimums required by the FAA and our Pilots and Balloon Team Members are improving their skill and training levels on a continuing basis. 

Safety Drives Everything That We Do In Ballooning!


To schedule your Hot Air Balloon Champagne Flight please click here
or call Dick or Mary Beth Young at (973) 335-9799

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